Online Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing

Third Party Sales Platforms

There are many notable web sites online that specialize in helping individuals and small businesses sell their goods. EBay has long been a fixture in online marketing. They sell almost any product through auctions or direct sales. Each vendor who sells on their site pays a fee that is a percentage of the sale. The vendor is allowed to add several pictures of the item they are selling. A written description is part of the listing as well. The seller has the option to charge for shipping, and the site will automatically calculate the amount of shipping for the buyer. This web site is a platform that specializes in connecting buyers and sellers all across the world.

Etsy is a newer web site that deals in hand crafted items only. Their platform is less expensive than many, and it allows individuals and small companies to advertise and sell through their program. Each seller has the option to upload several pictures of their wares along with a written description. They allow for the cost of shipping the items. The seller sets the price for their item and there are no auctions on this site. It includes an extensive search feature for categories of hand made goods buyers are seeking.

Craig's List has long been popular for local sales as well as advertising for jobs and homes. Its pages are arranged by location rather than by sales item types. Not all items are for sale. Some are listed as free, and the consumer need only pick up the items. Pictures are one of the many available options for goods being sold on this platform. It also offers homes for sale or rent. Pictures and descriptions are included. Jobs are advertised through this service as well. Employers are able to upload information on positions available and post them in the appropriate category.

There are many ways to market goods and services through internet platforms. The list is growing on a regular basis as more internet companies see the potential profits of online marketing. Linking items for sale through several platforms is now the normal course for companies that are vying for a larger market share. They have learned to find their potential customers in many online venues.